Flexible Rubber Magnet

Flexible Rubber Magnet are made of ferrite magnet powder or rare earth powder, compound with rubber, resin and other materials. Formed by extruding, injecting or calendering, the rubber magnets have different shapes such as strip, sheet or roll. Since the rubber magnet is plasticity, it can be made with any shapes by pressing or cutting. Besides, it is also very flexible, so it can be coiled to 1/4" radius without breaking. There are "Isotropic" and "Anisotropic" in the flexible rubber magnet. The Isotropic rubber magnet normally is to be magnetized with multipoles magnetization on one side only and the Anisotorpic one has magnetics on both side. Based on customer's demand, the rubber magnets can be laminated by colorful PVC, adhesive tape or colorful printing. The attractive face is treated with UV coating which can protect the products surface. We also can supply. Magnetic Paper " for A4 size, which made from rubber magnets and laser paper. The thickness just has 0.3mm which can be printed by any printing machine!
Production Process
Magnetic powder+Rubber or Resin+Other materials>>Compound>>Extruding/Injecting/Calendering>>Surface Treatment>>Pressing or Cutting>>Magneization>>Q.C.>>Packing>>Shipping.
Magnetic Characteristic Table


Residual Flux Density
Coercive Force
Coercive Force
Max Energy Products


Gauss mT Oe KA/m Oe KA/m MGOe KJ/m3
RM-11 1600 160 1250 100 2100 167 0.63 5.0 Isotropic
RM-12 1500 150 1150 92 2400 191 0.45 3.6
RM-13 1600 160 1200 96 1500 119 0.60 4.7
RM-21 2600 260 2300 183 3600 287 1.65 13.0 Anisotropic
RM-22 2450 245 2200 175 2600 207 1.40 11.1
RM-23 2400 240 2000 159 2400 191 1.35 10.7
Shapes & Magnetic Direction
Magnetic Holder
Motor or Machine Parts
Educational Items
Door Catcher
Sign Holder
White Board or Drawing Board
Advertising Promotion Items
Memo Holder
Electronic Components
Gift or Stationary Items
Phone Index
Quite flexible
Not easy breaking
Easy magnetization
Cutting and pressing available
Super thin availabe