Automatic magnetization
As our magnetization to the magnet is carrying out with automative machine. So, not only we can speed up the delivery schedule, but also a stable quality of the magnet can be achieved.

Primary Competitive Advantages
Price reasonable, strict Q/C, punctual delivery, and also our professional manufacturing experience on magnets.

  • Quality control content: Inspected from raw material, pressing, sintering, grinding, washing, magnetization, to packing. We check our quality as per MIL-STD105E.
  • Location: Tan Shui Dist, New Taipei City
  • From the source, design, size specifications, characteristics, process for you to check all aspects.

    Q.C. Equipment
    B-H curve tracer, flux meter, gauss meter etc. and the other tools.
    Laboratory Sintered Oven.

    R & D
  • R&D content: Innovate magnetic related products, enhance product characteristics, improve production efficiency.
  • Location: Tan Shui Dist, New Taipei City