The company, Ta Tong Magnet Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, located in Tan Shui Town, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan. Through a technical supports from Japan and a professional working team in magnetic material, Ta Tong has successfully become a leading producer of magnetic products here in Taiwan. The products are Including Ferrite Molding magnets, Cutting magnets, NdFeB magnets, Alnico magnets, Negative Ion magnets, Flexible Rubber magnets etc., and also doing many kinds of magnetic tools like—Magnetic Bar, Magnetic Plate, Magnetic Holders, Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Devices etc. For more informations, please contact us today. Be pleased to cooperate with all of you on magnetic products.

TA TONG MAGNET CO., LTD. is an international brand with footholds in countries all over the world. We strive to become the premier provider of ferrite magnets, permanent magnet. We assess the environmental effects of new activities, new products, new processes and new materials before their introduction. Our professional environment attracts the highest qualified personnel in our industry. We have built a reputation that all of our associates are proud to represent. Let TA TONG MAGNET CO., LTD. be your source of bonded ndfeb magnets.

Ferrite Magnet


( Ferrite Magnet )

Ferrite Magnet including "Isotropic" and "Anisotropic" are sintered magnet with either by dry pressed or wet pressed. Tooling is always needed when pressed. The magnetization can be done by axially, radially, multi-poles axially and multi-poles on circumference, etc. Due to the low cost, medium power and productivity by mass production, they are widely used in various industries for many different applications. We can say that the Ferrite magnets were the most popular one in magnetic materials for past 30 years.

Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet


( Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet )

High quality Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet made by cutting.

The main material of the Cutting Magnet is the strontium ferrite magnet, that is made by wet press. Basically, the density in wet press is better than the dry press, so the cutting magnets can achieve a good performance even just a small dimension. The largest of block size for cutting magnet is L220 x W150 x 25.4mmT, and the most common one is L152 x W100 x 25.4mmt(6" x 4" x1"). Presentlly, the smallest size that we are able to make is L2 x W2 x 0.8mmT.

Sintered NdFeB Magnet

NdFeB Magnet

( Sintered NdFeB Magnet )

Sintered NdFeB Magnet, the most advanced permanent magnet, are made from Neodymium Iron Boron by sintered processing. This magnet has the highest energy products, so it is widely used in miniature products and automatical components. Normally, NdFeB magnets are to be coated with Nickle, Zinc and Epoxy, or just anti-rusty treatment to protect its appearance for corrosion resistance. For the time being, the NdFeB magnets are the most popular one in magnetic materials, we forecast that this advanced material may last 15 years in the days to come continuously.

Bonded NdFeB Magnet

Bonded Nd-Fe-B Magnet

( Bonded NdFeB Magnet )

The Bonded NdFeB Magnet is produced by mixing the ferrite powder and rare earth powder with resin, and is formed by either mold compression or injection. Without magnetic field while compression, it is available to be formed into a wide range of shapes. However, tooling is always needed, no matter what the production way be taken. In addition, when taking compression, the dimension can be controlled in a very precise level, which make the engineers easily to device a light and miniature Hi-performance products. Besides, this magnet normally be coated with epoxy or others appearance treatments which make the product anti-corrosion. The bonded NdFeB magnet is one kind of Isotropic magnet, which can be magnetized with axially or radially respectively.

Alnico Magnet


( Alnico Magnet )

The Alnico Magnet contains the elements of Aluminum, Cobalt and Nickle Alloy, which can be made either by casting or sintering process. As having the features of both hardness and high working temperature parameters, they are widely used in many different application with a wide range of magnetic properties. Meantime, an excellent corrosion resistance is also one of its features. However, the most disadvantageous point for this material is in low value of coercive force, which be possible to decrease the magnetic power during in use subject to using environment, we suggest you to discuss with us when ordering.

Flexible Rubber Magnet


( Flexible Rubber Magnet )

Flexible Rubber Magnet are made of ferrite magnet powder or rare earth powder, compound with rubber, resin and other materials. Formed by extruding, injecting or calendering, the rubber magnets have different shapes such as strip, sheet or roll. Since the rubber magnet is plasticity, it can be made with any shapes by pressing or cutting. Besides, it is also very flexible, so it can be coiled to 1/4" radius without breaking. There are "Isotropic" and "Anisotropic" in the flexible rubber magnet. The Isotropic rubber magnet normally is to be magnetized with multipoles magnetization on one side only and the Anisotorpic one has magnetics on both side. Based on customer's demand, the rubber magnets can be laminated by colorful PVC, adhesive tape or colorful printing. The attractive face is treated with UV coating which can protect the products surface. We also can supply. Magnetic Paper " for A4 size, which made from rubber magnets and laser paper. The thickness just has 0.3mm which can be printed by any printing machine!

Minus-Ion Magnet


( Minus-Ion Magnet )

With more than 2 years of researching and developing, we finally got the the patent of Minus Ion Magnet for 20 years from government. The main material of this product is ferrite powder, which compound with purity minus-ion powder, and finish with a complex processing of manufacturing. The surface's magnetic strength is around 100 ~ 1000 Gauss. We have exported the same one to Japan for making health products since invented, and we believe that this products would be used on magnetic health product in the fuutre, not only in Taiwan, but also in worldwide. At the moment, we use this products in our own products like support belt, insoles and sports wrap set, etc.

Magnetic Holder

Magnetic Holders

( Magnetic Holder )

By using iron cap, iron plate or iron yoke with the magnets, Magnetic Holder would be getting more loading power, even up to several kilograms. The magnets material can be used by Ferrite、NdFeB、Alnico or Rubber, etc. Besides, the products surface also can be planted by Ni, Zn, Chrome or Black plating for customer choice. The Magnetic Applications and Magnetic Holders are widely used for DIY Parts, Hardware, Auto Parts, Machinery Industry, IC Industry, IT Industry and Filter, etc.

TA TONG MAGNET CO., LTD. is a manufacturer of ferrite magnets, flexible rubber magnets and minus-Ion magnets that can be custom configured to meet the most demanding of process applications. Our company offers excellent magnetic holder for Hardware & Metal Products, ensuring long-lasting performance. Keeping in mind the importance of clients' time, we make sure that our products are delivered to them within the promises time-period. Thanks for supporting us through these years of business. We are ready to cooperate with our valuable partners next year.

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