The company, Ta Tong Magnet Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, located in Tan Shui Town, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan. Through a technical supports from Japan and a professional working team in magnetic material, Ta Tong has successfully become a leading producer of magnetic products here in Taiwan. The products are Including Ferrite Molding magnets, Cutting magnets, NdFeB magnets, Alnico magnets, Negative Ion magnets, Flexible Rubber magnets etc., and also doing many kinds of magnetic tools like—Magnetic Bar, Magnetic Plate, Magnetic Holders, Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Devices etc. For more informations, please contact us today. Be pleased to cooperate with all of you on magnetic products.

TA TONG MAGNET CO., LTD. ensures all of our minus-ion magnets are affordable and priced competitively with other similar products on the market. In addition, TA TONG MAGNET CO., LTD. is a national manufacturer and supplier that specialize in providing of minus-ion magnets related products. Our goal is to build a long term relationship as your minus-ion magnets supplier by providing quality products and service that exceeds your expectations. Our products have earned accolades for their optimal designs, precise dimensions, optimal functionality and long-term functionality.

Minus-Ion Magnet Manufacturer in Taiwan

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Product Name :

Minus-Ion Magnet

Introduction of Material :

With more than 2 years of researching and developing, we finally got the the patent of Minus Ion Magnet for 20 years from government. The main material of this product is ferrite powder, which compound with purity minus-ion powder, and finish with a complex processing of manufacturing. The surface's magnetic strength is around 100 ~ 1000 Gauss. We have exported the same one to Japan for making health products since invented, and we believe that this products would be used on magnetic health product in the fuutre, not only in Taiwan, but also in worldwide. At the moment, we use this products in our own products like support belt, insoles and sports wrap set, etc.

Production Process :

Powder>>Minus Ion powder>>Milling>>Powder compact>>Sintering>>Surface treatment>>Coating>>Inspection>>Magnetizaton>>Q.C.>>Packing>>Shipping.

Magnetic Characteristic Table :


Residual Flux Density
Coercive Force
Max Energy Products
Max Operating Temp


Gauss mT Oe KA/m MGOe KJ/m3
ION-10 1800 180 1500 120 0.80 6.40 ≦200℃
ION-12 2000 200 1800 144 1.00 8.00 ≦200℃
ION-15 3200 320 2100 168 2.20 17.60 ≦200℃
ION-18 3500 350 2400 192 2.50 20.00 ≦200℃
ION-20 3600 360 2600 208 2.80 22.40 ≦200℃
ION-25 3800 380 2900 232 3.00 24.00 ≦200℃

Application :

Support Belts
Plaster for Pain Relief
Therapy Piece
Health Care Products
Sport Warp Set
Pillow & Body Cushion

Features :

Two effects
Lower price
Mass production available
Easy magnetization
Small size possible
Long life of Ion value

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Technology is everywhere. In hardware & metal products industry, tech advances have changed the way we do business. Today’s minus-ion magnets answer all of needs. As a globally operating company, TA TONG MAGNET CO., LTD. explicitly encourage socially and environmentally responsible policies around the world - as well as sponsoring art and culture at home and abroad. We can build custom cables to meet your requirements, whether standard or special. Our mission is to strive for excellence in all phases of our business and to insure complete customer satisfaction.

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